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Customised Solutions is the perfect name for our business. Let us know your problem and we will customise a solution to help you.

Business systems

Tracy is highly experienced in business systems. Organisation and systematising the workplace help to calm down the clutter and distraction and allow you to concentrate on what is important.

Financial Management

Tracy has extensive cashflow and financial management experience. Whether you are a small company managing a weekly cashflow or a big business with a large project to plan, Tracy can help you.

Websites & Social Media

Rich has over 15 years experience in building websites and running online businesses. We are able to work with you to improve this part of your business.

About Customised Solutions

About Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions are experienced Business Consultants. We have small and large business experience. Tracy is a CPA qualified accountant who has specialised in helping business owners get better control of their business and therefore help them improve their business. We believe a good work life balance results in better business and better life.

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Tracy Osterfield
Tracy Osterfield
Managing Director, CPA
Rich Struck
Rich Struck
Websites and social media marketing

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